White Orange Improvements is your comprehensive home improvements solution to any adaptations that you may need in and around your home. Since the 1990's, homes have been built to reach universal standards, which aim to create maximised accessibility while still preserving the aesthetics of the home. This should mean that adaptions aren't necessary when individuals needs change, however this isn't always the case. Often homes aren’t wheelchair accessible due to steps or high thresholds. Homes also don't account for hearing and visually impaired individuals, or individuals with Dementia. We understand your need for mobility and accessibility, and therefore offer experienced and efficient services to make sure that you can continue your daily routine with little to no changes.



Speedy service

If your adaptations are required due to an injury or illness, and you are in hospital, often before you can be discharged your home needs to be deemed adequate for your safety and care. This is why we work fast and efficiently with health care professionals to ensure that your home is ready for you.

If you require adaptations due to age or disability, that we have a vast range of services to suit your needs. Every person is different, and that is why we tailor make each service to each individuals unique requirements.

Here is a list of some of our services, related to specific requirements.



Individuals with limited vision

It is proven that around one in three individuals has some form of impaired vision by the time that they are 65 years old. If you suffer from limited vision then our home improvements will modify your setting to promote adequate lighting as well as contrasting colours to help you to identify hazards. 

•   We change fluorescent lighting to incandescent lighting

•   We ensure that no cupboards are protruding, by refitting different shaped ones

•   We install sound or movement activated outdoor lighting

•   We install flush door thresholds to avoid tripping

•   We install contrasting coloured material on the leading edge of the stair 



Individuals with hearing impairment

On average one in six people in the UK suffers from some form of hearing loss, which is just over 10 million! We install technology that produces visual and vibratory alerts for phone calls, doorbell rings and alarms. 

•   We install strobe lights and bed shakers for security alarms

•   We provide personal pagers for communication

•   We provide wrist watches and timers with vibration

•   We install appropriate furnishings to aid in acoustics, e.g. wall hangings, tiles and carpeting



Patients with dementia

If you or a loved one suffers from dementia,  home improvements can provide both safety for them and peace of mind for their care giver. 

•   We install scald-proof taps

•   We install grab rails and seats for the shower

•   We raise toilet seats to higher positions

•   We replace glass shower panels for plastic ones

•   We provide signs, locks and alarms





Although the resident of the home is responsible for paying for their home improvements and modifications, there are means of funding available. 

•   Reverse mortgages

•   Insurance policies

•   Patients under Medicare plans will be provided with some medical equipment used in the home


The government also provides Disabled Facilities Grants to those who are eligible.


Hear from some of our happy customers

White Orange Improvements transformed my home magically! They met all of my requirements, and then some! I was really happy with the result and would recommend them to anyone! Great work, I couldn't be happier!

By Arnold Marley

My mother needed her home to be adapted when she fell ill. White Orange Improvements did a great job in meeting all of her needs. Her bedroom is now downstairs which at first she thought would ruin the overall theme of the house, but it works so well! We couldn't be more grateful!

By Sue Bakerton

When my husband broke his back we thought we would have to move to a new house, and spend thousands of pounds on making it accessible for him, money that we just didn't have. White Orange Improvements adapted our house so it wa still our home. The were very cost effective and professional!

By Belinda Mackelmore
Stoke on Trent

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